The prior few weeks, various rumors emerged in regards to the unlock date of the new iPhone 5, the well-informed Boy Genius Report confirmed and now denies the rumor that the production of the final product should be under way.Instead, the new iPhone is currently still in a testing phase, the so-called "engineering verification test" (EVT), located before the mass production.


In this relatively early stage of the respective prototype tested on the features and specifications, emerging errors can occur, there can still be relatively easy design changes made.Then the iPhone will go to a new phase called "Design Verification Test" (DVT) and it is examined diagnostically. After the successful test phase, the unit should be into production and could be presented the following month.

In order to clarify the timing of anything else to go have the test phases of the previous iPhone models as follows:

  • Verizon iPhone 4:
    EVT2 mid-November -> EVT3 end of November -> DVT phase in late December -> launch in January -> launch in early February
  • iPhone 4:
    mid-February in the EVT2 phase – was> the end of March in the prototype phase of DVT lost in San Francisco 

Otherwise, the guys from BGR reaffirm the iPhone already circulating about the new technical specifications.The report states that the next generation 1GB of RAM and support for the faster LTE bring.Contrary toprevious reportsshould be but are an NFC chip on board and work in conjunction with the passbook app.

The allegations surrounding the production process would clarify that the new generation iPhone will be introduced in October and not from other sources already claimed in August.

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