iPhone 5 owners complaints about Wi-Fi problem



Different iPhone 5 owners are complaining about slow or inconsistent Wi-Fi connection. In some cases, the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connectivity download speeds managed to reach few kb per second. what is causing this problem is not known at the moment: in some cases it seems to help to switch from WPA2 to WEP security on a wireless network, but this encyption methode is much less safe. In addition, this trick does not seem to work for everyone

How large the Wi-Fi problems occur is not yet clear. On both the MacRumors forum and the official Apple support forum a couple of individuals complaining concerning the difficulty and a few pronounced that a substitute cellphone solved the difficulty. A customer to the Apple improve discussion board says Apple Care privy to the issue and the gradual obtain speeds and WPA2 issues appear associated instrument in step with their section, whereas issues connecting by means of Wi-Fi may also be because of hardware. Apple has no longer formally answered. Do you endure from Wi-Fi issues on the iPhone 5, we suggest you to contact Apple.

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