Prior to now it ceaselessly took place that new components of the iPhone leaked. From time to time they seemed on 2nd idea in point of fact, but it surely can even occur that it is a component of an iPhoneclone grew to become out. The next YouTube video displays world part manufacturerdirect elements elements of the iPhone, which are totally different. The aluminum body appears to be like differentthan we’re used with completely different fault traces put on the antenna. In an organization video displays the variations between the parts and located that the iPhone four.

There are some variations from the present era iPhone four, similar to the brand new iPhone 5 has the black separation strains on completely different spots as may also be considered within the pictures connected above and beneath.


There are many small changes are visible, such as the antenna and the SIM card slot.SmartPhone Medic would have similar parts. There are several possibilities: they are parts of the iPhone 5 parts for a modified version of the iPhone 4 in which theantenna problem is solved or not it is part of the CDMA iPhone, which now really seems to come. A fourth option is that it still is part of an iPhone clone.

To see it all for yourself, watch the video embedded below. At the beginning of the video, the company seems to have a fully assembled next gen iPhone(at 0:23 to be exact). And at the end of the video, they say “More coming next week.” As always we will keep you updated. Stay tuned.



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