iPhone 5 pre-order started today, shipping estimates in two weeks



Apple begins today with the pre-orders of the iPhone 5, a week before the unit hit the shelves. It is set only to the countries where the iPhone 5 will be on sale from September 21, namely the United States, Germany, France and some other countries.

The Apple Store is currently online, allowing you to include Germany can place a pre-order. It comes in two different colors; black and white. Since the estimate shipping is set for two weeks, you might want to start the iPhone 5 pre-order  today.


The iPhone 5 is sold for the following prices:

16gb iPhone 5: $ 199
32 gb iPhone 5: $ 299
64 gb iPhone 5: $ 399

It’s not officially known whether this same prices the iPhone 5 will be offered in other countries. But whether that is smart, here is another question: you have a local address needed and many providers must use for subscription. Moreover, the U.S. iPhone 5 the first week is not available unlocked, according to The Verge.

The U.S. supermarket chain WalMart will sell the iPhone 5 from 8:00 am (local time) with a price starting at $ 190. But before that, you have to be a two-year subscription purchase and delivery of course only takes place on 21 September. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can be respectively $ 1 and $ 90 in hands. Wal-Mart will also again be selling unlocked from the beginning, for respectively $ 649 (16GB), $ 749 (32GB) and $ 849 (64GB).


Apple itself has opposite Wired confirmed that the pre-order of the iPhone 5 is possible from 0:01 pm Pacific Time (3:01 EST). Two minutes earlier, you can already go to Sprint and Verizon. Although AT&T has announced that are going to start with the orders,  they have listed the delivery date is estimated to be on 9/21, along with other carriers that are authorized to sell the iPhone 5 but in this game you need a subscription.

Are you planning to be in the line up, then you can go at 8:00 pm local time at Apple Stores in the United States, Germany, France or England. However, it is important to watch out which version of the iPhone 5 you buy: there are in fact three variants and the question is whether the ‘world model’ A1429 will be sold in the U.S.

This model supports the 4G frequencies of 850, 1800 and 2100 MHz. As in other countries 4G subscriptions to the 1800 MHz band will be offered, we’re good with that model. There is also an A1429 CDMA version and A1428 GSM version (suitable for calling and 3G, but the LTE frequencies are unusual for European operators). In case you still undecided on which iPhone 5 to buy, the articles below might help you to make up you mind:

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