Apple will commence to assemble pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on September 12. It's the same day that the announced the next Apple handset will be made, mentioned. The following week on Friday, September 21, the new iPhone will go on sale in the United States. The second round will take place in early October, probably October 5.

It is likely that other countries will be a part of the second group on where the iPhone will be for sale. The information about the pre-orders for the next generation iPhone comes from sources that have supplied correct information previously.

The rumors are at this moment, so it is advisable to not immediately planned vacations in case you are intending to get the handset. To indicate how it went last year: when Apple announced the iPhone on October 4 to 4S. The pre-orders only started on Friday, October 7 start. In the U.S., the iPhone 4S then available on 14 October. The second round was two weeks later, on 28 Oct
ober 2011.

Apple hasn’t yet officially announced the fall event at which it is expected to debut the next iteration of the iPhone, but it’s definitely planning one. 

iMore was first to report that the company has scheduled a special event for Wednesday, September 12, and now we’ve confirmed it as well. Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple is currently planning an event for that week. And while we haven’t yet confirmed its focus, history suggests it will indeed be the new iPhone.

iMore reported last week that Apple would introduce a smaller dock connector on all IOS devices. It would mean that there will be new iPad, iPod nano, iPod touch, and perhaps an iPad Mini to appear. It seems quite a challenge for Apple to refresh so many devices. It is true that Apple's new iPods is to be made available fairly quickly.


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