iPhone 5: Prototype allegedly rejected shortly before the release


Hypothesis previous to the "Let's speak iPhone" Keynote would nonetheless put together every a bitter aftertaste. For weeks, some fifth-technology iPhone, the worldwide blogosphere and in some way, the expectations had been set too excessive.A brand new design, have a bigger show and a large number of new options, most Apple fanatics need, however sadly now not survived.


Now, however, reported a new source of business insider, that the functional redesigned iPhone 5 as a prototype was available, but a few months was discarded before the keynote.

The source alleged to have provided accurate reports in the past and have a high hit rate.Nevertheless, the situation can not be checked and there is no assurance that the notes are at all correct.Nevertheless, the statements would explain the many rumors and premature Covers the iPhone 5th

According to the informant Apple had planned to publish iPhone 5 this year.This project was only a few months before the iPhone 4S release, due to major concerns of Steve Jobs, postponed.Jobs did not agree with the larger screen, for a new resolution would harm the ecosystem iOS massive and complicate the development of applications for third-party.

He also goes on record that he could test the prototype for two weeks and thoroughly reveals the following specifications:

  • 4-inch screen
  • Aluminum backing
  • Capacitive home button
  • Low profile design
  • 10-megapixel camera
  • Much better hardware, but worse battery life

In the coming months, the rumor mill is going crazy again and throw much speculation on the market.Probably until the fall of 2012, we will get the final result of Apple to face and see if have become our "dreams" a reality.


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