The Apple  new iPhone smartphone with a 4-inch screen and 1136 x 640 pixels resolution . Some details about the hardware, such as the mobile chip is also already become known. With the new app "Passbook", which should be included in iOS 6 , could now probably near field communication with integration. Jim Peters, CTO of SITA payment solution, said recently that app developers should prepare themselves for this functionality.

Exchange files wirelessly without bluetooth. A possible use of NFC also represents an opportunity to exchange data or files. In essence, it is but probably amount to a payment solution, says Peters, "Apple will integrate Near Field Communication in the passbook. Apple wants to make the payment solution for the user as simple as possible and then work out a solution as the technology can be turned into money. "

Apple needs in the field of mobile payment solutions and NFC functions reloading quickly, because the competition from Google and Microsoft does not sleep. Google has already wallet with a solution at the start, but
the NFC-enabled to be made. Even Microsoft has a similar service for Windows Phone 8 in store.


A new feature of IOS 6 passbook, an app that allows things that could have been otherwise printed on a piece of paper in your pocket or as a card in your wallet to bring along and digitally on the device. From within the app to airline tickets, concert tickets and loyalty cards can be displayed and used. Even before the release of the iPhone 4S, there were sources, which assumed that Apple wants to transplant an NFC chip in one of the following two mobile phones. With this it would be possible to pay with his iPhone as a credit card at stores that accept that. Passbook with the ideal software for such a service would be created. 

 As 9to5Mac claims to have learned from sources that have a current iPhone prototype for testing purposes with him, NFC chips are actually part of the next iPhone. Of course it is not known whether the service is internationally available, which banks cooperate, and whether Apple might not be until fall umentscheidet yet – after all the sources have only a prototype available.


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