iphone 5

iphone 5

During the iPhone 5 first week sales,  Apple sold five million. It is a lot: a year ago when he left iPhone 4S, Apple managed to sell 20 percent less. Sales launched simultaneously in eight countries, but even so, the waiting period for pre-order is almost a month. From September 28, the phone will be sold for the 31 countries of the world, and by the end of the year the number of countries that have begun selling the iPhone 5, is expected to increase to a hundred.


The iPhone 5 design to be changed, which unofficially “tired of waiting” fans iOS amid growing size of today’s smartphones. The back cover of the new iPhone is made of metal on the top and bottom – centimeter insertion of glass. The frame is still serving as the antenna is divided into four parts. According to Apple, the housing material iPhone – it’s anodized aluminum 6000 series. From the same aluminum unibody-making body MacBook Pro.

The colors in the new Apple iPhone is referred to as Black & Slate (black with graphite) and White & Silver (white and silver). However, ordinary users are unlikely to go into such details – for them iPhones remain “black” and “white.” Quality color white version, which we tested, did not cause complaints, but the black is not so simple. On the Internet it is easy to find complaints that the coating on the side beveled edges quickly peel.

With the amount of built-in flash memory without surprises – a 16, 32 and 64 GB.  All other structural elements have undergone significant changes. The only exception – the headphone jack and headset 3.5 inches, which is moved to the bottom side of the device.


The power button is on the top side of the device, the switch mute and volume control buttons – on the left, and the Eight-Lightning-Data connector adjacent to the speaker and microphone, located on either side of him, and executed, as in the New iPad, as network round holes on the body.

Lightning is five times smaller old proprietary connector Apple, was used in other models of iPhone, but, in contrast, does not have the ability to transmit video. Now you will need a separate cable Lightning-HDMI, which will be available later. The new connector is more practical, smaller and more convenient previous. He is a two-way, use it easily and pleasantly. In size it is even smaller than the micro-USB.

NanoSIM-slot card is placed on the right side of the unit. Cut the nanoSIM of microSIM possible, but the owners of ordinary SIM-cards will seek support from your service provider. Activate iPhone 5 without the inserted nanoSIM-cards can not.

The third microphone is required for wireless services HD Audio – Spread the sound with less distortion than usual. It removes some of the limitations of bandwidth and transmit sound in the range of 50 to 7000 Hz. This feature is available in twenty countries.

On the front panel – the screen with a diagonal of four inches, much prettier 720p camera for video calls and clearly visible in the white model ambient light sensors, proximity and the slot for the speaker. Control button “Home” rumors to the contrary has not changed and is still below the screen. IPhone 5 to sound a little bit better. Vibrate again changed – it is now larger.


The box, which is packed new model iPhone, remained the same as before – a rectangle of white or black (depending on model).

Major hardware differences from iPhone 5 iPhone 4S – an increase of up to a gigabyte of RAM and a dual-core chip A6, clocked at 1.3 GHz, which is designed by Apple, based on the architecture of ARM7. Claimed battery life compared to the iPhone 4S is almost not increased, and the capacity of the internal battery is about 1440 mAh.




The  iPhone 5 Accessories has changed slightly since the iPhone 4/4S. This power supply unit  , USB cable connector with the new Lightning, the mounting card nanoSIM and – new – EarPods headphones with remote control. New Apple headphones designed as a standalone product for three years and have a more comfortable and longer control panel. The sound quality is clearly better EarPods complete headphones iPhone 4S. Separately from the iPhone 5 will be sold for $30.




The size of the new iPhone 5 (123.8 by 58.6 by 7.6 mm) changed from iPhone 4S (115,2 by 58.6 by 9.3 mm) on all measures except the width, but the weight was reduced to 112 grams against 140 in iPhone 4S. The length of the phone has almost a centimeter, which immediately gave rise to Internet jokes.
With the start of sales of iPhone 5 has changed and range of available iPhone. Despite the fact that the iPhone 3GS was upgraded to iOS6, official sales of this model discontinued. Place of “fiscal» iPhone now takes 8 GB iPhone 4, “the middle class» iPhone 4S 16GB and iPhone 5 is available in versions 16, 32 and 64 GB.




Screen in iPhone 5 is now integrated with the touch panel is made of technology In-Cell. IPS-matrix has a resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels with the same pixel density 4S 326 dpi. This is still a good result, although the competitors that are superior to resolve the iPhone 5 (Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Note 2), are starting to get rid of PenTile technology in displays of their flagships.

In any case, such a diagonal picture clarity on the iPhone 5 outperforming iPhone 4S. Look more saturated, and improved color rendering. The screen looks great and has no visible distortion, and the gamma seems biased toward the warm tones. The brightness of the screen, as the previous iPhone 4S, up to 500 cd/m2, a contrast ratio 800:1.



iPhone 5 works in networks GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE. Support for simultaneous transmission and reception of data through different antennas, alas, does not affect all audit staff, which now number as many as three (depending on the available frequencies LTE). Traditionally supported Bluetooth 4.0, and in networks Wi-Fi 802.11n system is now able to run on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz).



A camera with LED flash is in the traditional location for iPhone. The only change: now the camera and the flash hole appeared for the third microphone. The  iPhone 5 camera is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which should improve its quality: sapphire transparent than usual. The lens still has five lenses, aperture ratio of 2.4. The matrix has a backlit.

Speed ​​photography has increased – as accelerated frame capture, and preservation of finished pictures. The new camera records video at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels at 30 fps with optical image stabilization when shooting. In addition, now the camera allows you to take photos directly while shooting video (1920 × 1080).

Cloud function “Photostream” (automatically download the latest thousands of photos on the server) has acquired a “social” functions: now “photostream” can be shared with other users. To synchronize other data, as always, is available 5 GB of cloud storage (not used for “Photostream”), which can be extended for an additional fee.

Panorama mode, the built-in iOS 6, works well, but to call it ‘innovation’ is difficult – similar programs in the App Store missing. Traditionally present regime and HDR.



Most of the functions that are supported by iOS 6 for iPhone 5, are also available on other products of the sixth version of the mobile system for Apple. The 3D in the new maps for Apple iPhone 5 and New iPad works exactly the same. Responsible for determining the location of a chip GPS GLONASS.
Visual interface response to the iPhone 5 appears faster than iPhone 4S. The appearance of a wide-screen has not led to significant changes in standard applications – either for the worse or for the better.

In the test, the mobile Safari browser to support HTML5 iPhone 5 scored 360 points. Exactly the same figure shows another device running iOS 6. Use Safari on the wide screen of the new iPhone is much more convenient than the predecessors.


Performance test Javascript Sunspider 0.9.1 does iPhone 5 is less than 1000 ms. This is not just twice as fast as iPhone 4S to a year ago, it is a record of browser on any mobile platform. Let’s see what to say to that competitor.

Widescreen video fills the screen is lengthened. But the empty spaces appeared elsewhere – in applications developed for previous iPhone models and has not yet adapted to the new display resolution. When you run it centered on the screen, leaving the top and bottom black bars. Many popular programs have already been upgraded and got rid of the bands.

Execution speed on the iPhone 5 has grown considerably, and even the most “difficult” applications for iPhone 4S opened with a minimum expectation.



Siri voice assistant within the iPhone 5 isn’t any totally different from its model for New iPad and iPhone 4S.

Passbook new software in iOS 6 is just not too essential for the CIS, whereas Apple is positioning it as a alternative for NFS. This utility is designed to prepare and retailer tickets, passes to occasions, film tickets and live shows, bonus playing cards, coupon codes, present certificates.
What will also be stated concerning the new iPhone 5? The software is naturally a hit and can compete with present flagships from different producers. He has a fantastic weight / dimension, the monitor is greater, now not go to extremes, “5 inches +”, and efficiency with a provide enough for the appliance, which will also be discovered within the App Retailer.

Ultimate Ideas

The evolution of iPhone has its advantages: changing the outdated version of iPhone on iPhone 5, the person finds ninety nine % compatibility favourite functions and a full vary of advantages of a single ecosystem. Understand that when there was once iPhone 4S, we didn’t rush to propose the house owners of iPhone four run to the shop for a brand new variation? So, now’s the time. And judging with the aid of the demand for this version, iPhone 5 – it can be actually “probably the most that took place to iPhone given that its liberate”.

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