The New Zealander website&#one hundred sixty;&#one hundred sixty; hundred sixty;&#one hundred sixty;they claimed had been in possession of an unique date for the New Zealand launch of the iPhone 5&#a hundred and sixty;From a dependable supply. TechDay discovered that the iPhone 5 would go on sale October 9 in New Zealand and begin up on the market.


In early October have been used by several sources as the sale date of the iPhone known as 5, although the end of September is one of the favorites. In any case, this course reinforces the former.

Previously TechDay was no source for Apple rumors earlier, so you do not know whether the site is trustworthy. Continue to fall since the 9 October on a Sunday, this is an atypical day for a launch. Last year the iPhone was released on a Friday, for example, four in New Zealand.

The rumors, however, to compress the first week of October and mid-September could take place already the promulgation of the new iPhone models.


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