iPhone 5 technical specs and comparability with iPhone 4S



 iPhone5-vs.-iPhone4SThe iPhone 5 on Wednesday, September 12 was officially unveiled by Apple. So we now know what the iPhone 5 is all about and what exactly is the difference with other iPhones. We have the technical specifications of the iPhone 5 in addition to the specs of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to give an idea of what exactly has changed in the iPhone 5.

Note: These are the technical specifications so far been brought out by Apple. Issues such as the clock speed of the Apple A6 and RAM are not included herein. Are you curious about these hard facts, then you will have to wait until sites like iFixit get their hands-on the iPhone 5. They often achieve new Apple products apart to see exactly what is in it. The battery life is as specified by Apple and have not been tested by us personally. We hope, of course, the iPhone 5 as soon as possible to review in detail itself.


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