iPhone 5 thinner, iPad 3 to support All 3G and 4G LTE Networks ?


What is good with Apple is that the rumors by no means cease getting carried away. With the announcement of the subsequent iPad three, is entitled to full worth! The shelf subsequent era is consequently anticipated at a halt for the month of March, and historical past to handle the group anticipated, the manufacturing traces of producers Apple are already on a battle footing.



Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be slimmer than its current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models according to a new report, and it may feature a quad-mode chipset that will work across all 3G and 4G LTE networks. In a note to clients on Friday, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote that Apple’s business will continue to grow despite slowing demand high-end smartphone market.

Mass production is expected to begin as early as next month, according to Bloomberg . The sources of the site also indicated that the screen of the new iPad will be high resolution Retina, it certainly will carry a quad-core processor (A6?), And surprise, it should also support 4G LTE networks.A first for an Apple product, which could swarm through the iPhone 5.

The information apparently comes from three different sources, with each offering interesting details. For example, on the screen Retina mention that this will have a higher concentration of pixels that some HDTVs. Its density is such that its display will look like a printed page rather than an electronic medium. Most of the graphics capabilities also allow the video starts immediately without waiting to play as happens now.

But let the two data we noted at the beginning. First LTE, one source indicates that the device supports the 4G wireless network. Apple has chosen to take the plunge based on what they are covering these advanced networks at AT & T and Verizon in the United States. In addition, the gadget will have more capacity battery that meets the requirements of the protocol of communication of energy required. This is the reason we decided to go for LTE in the iPhone before the iPhone.

We ended up focusing on the quad or quad-core. The truth is the data that surprises me, especially after hearing that the Apple iPad 2S bet on a rise of 3 iPad itself, I think too much news. A quad-core processor significantly increase the performance of the device would have noticed the change between applications, openness, starting the system …

This is a new report released today by AppleInsider . A smaller design would be possible through the use of new touch panel technology. Huberty suggested that Apple will use a brand new material for the cabinet to build.

The latest rumors to date in the future smartphone also gives dizzy. It is rumored that it will now also able to hook the 3G and 4G networks through quad-mode chip from Qualcomm, the regular supplier of Apple. The case of the next mobile cabbage would also be thinner than today and he wore a dress all aluminum, like the iPad.

A good chance the back of the iPhone 5 will have an  aluminum casing , which has repeatedly been associated with it. According to a recent report, the new iPhone which is an aluminum backing to get a border around plastic or rubber.

Furthermore, the analyst predicts that the iPhone 5 will be ready for the consumer at the end of Q2. This is considerably earlier than the latest rumors about the release dateSeveral sources refer namely after a launch in the autumn. But let's hope the second quarter feasible.

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