iPhone 5 to be Released in Late August for $350


BGR  website often  bring us informations about Apple, this time, they have some informations from a source more than serious. We are told that Apple will finally launch a “low cost”  iPhone 5 this year for the price of $350 without subscription. It is therefore now a new confirmation that we had announced some time agoOr, one could think of a new model, less expensive to suit the new merchandise for $ 350. However, it seems that talking about the iPhone … 3G. Third consecutive year so for the third phone of the brand (the iPhone 3G has meanwhile lasted only two years).


At the iPhone 5, the source said of BGR today announced that the announcement of the next Apple phone will “by the end of the summer, in late August.” And that’s not all, come in threes. BGR ended the note, claiming that the iPhone 4 will not be removed and will continue its path, as a mid-range.

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