iPhone 5 to have a micro-USB connector?


The talk between Apple, 9 different telephone producers and the European Union in 2009 got here to an finish, when it used to be made up our minds to introduce a single cellphone charger for all smartphones.Handy for shoppers, as a result of they don’t that manner with dozens of chargers in my pocket to run. If it’s the GSM Affiliation is the common telephone charger already offered in 2012. The American citizens have made up our minds to maneuver in 2012 .


The UN is behind it , and even Apple wants Opt . . However, Apple and the iPhone 4 no micro-USB charger to the phone process. The German iPhone ticker has found photographs of a micro-USB cable for the iPhone. At least two external accessory makers work according to the website to a micro-USB cable that strongly resembles Apple. With the swelling rumors of a new iPhone, this cable is a very good time last blow. 
Given the phone charger initiative in 2009 because it would not be unlikely for Apple to now connect the phone to change to micro-usb. 
Device makers such as Samsung and LG have done it.

iPhone ticker is not sure of the cable. The creators can not because their reasons for making them confirm. How real the idea of the new iPhone cable is, the chance that the accessory makers simply trying to compete with a white cable. In fact this is not an official accessory from Apple, but a product of an independent manufacturer. The cable can even be designed for Android users who like the typical white iPhone-like cables.

But with the plans the micro-USB connectors for smartphones in 2012 to enter, it must be very strange if the next iPhone running the port is not supported.


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