In accordance CultofMac, a  source close to Apple has suggested that Apple was working well with the integration of NFC in their phones, but not to transform the iPhone into a means of payment. As the site already spoke last November, the iPhone would turn into access key for Mac. He would approach a iPhone with a Mac to be able to log on the personal computer, temporarily recovering applications and settings.

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According to a tweet from Forbes reporter Elizabeth Woyke, that’s what the next-generation iPhone will do: magical near-field communication. Take it with a (huge) grain of salt, of course.

The novelty since the latest rumor is considered Mac's App Store. The system actually uses the Mac App Store to present the user with the applications it has.They would not be automatically downloaded (at SSD, that's all just as well), but the user could at any moment to launch an application. In this case, the application would be downloaded on a temporary basis and all work done within the application would be automatically saved on the Internet, probably through MobileMe. Once the iPhone away from the Mac, applications are no longer available.


A great idea on paper that could happen with Mac OS X and iPhone Lion 5, unless the NFC chip is integrated to the next generation. A recent rumor stated in effect that the next phone at the apple did not ultimately entitled to the chip. However, the source indicates that Apple is working on these issues at this very moment, without being certain that such a system will ultimately be implemented by the company …

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