iPhone 5 retina- display is the best component of the device , say experts edition Agawi.  “Apple” smartphone screens have a good viewing angles , high anti-glare properties , bright and vivid  image, which does not leave indifferent any owner. However, if ordinary people are usually interested only in the quality of the display , experts allocate another important parameter of touchscreen mobile phones – the rate of reaction on contact.

According to research company Agawi, iPhone 5 screen responds to touch the touchscreen is at least 2 times faster than the flagship Android phones and devices rulers Nokia Lumia. Smartphone from Apple responds to user actions with a record-low latency 55 ms. In second place in the ranking expert iPhone 4s, a similar figure which is 85 milliseconds. This is followed by Samsung Galaxy S4, Lumia 928 and HTC One with indicators of 114 ms , 117 ms and 121 ms, respectively . Thus , iPhone 5 to 2 times faster reaction rate than Galaxy S4.


“Reactive” reveal smartphones Apple consultants give an explanation for the truth that iPhones function on especially sharpened for them cell platform iOS. Whereas the Android-powered gadgets are in keeping with an working device that used to be firstly designed for a spread of various units.

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