iPhone 5: two documents confirm its arrival in October


BestBuy unveils extra in regards to the iPhone 5  with two paperwork which have leaked inside 24 hours. The primary used to be published This is my Next .This indicates that the installation of a device from Apple (desks, posters, etc.) should be October 21 this year. Of course, it is not clear whether the iPhone 5 is more than but certain.


In addition, the procedure is similar to that of last year with the iPhone 4, the manager must arrive at the scene at 6 am (instead of 7 am normally).



The latter comes from BGR . He tells us that Best Buy, always the same sign, will offer its customers pre-order the iPhone 5 in the first week of October. Moreover, the arrival of the operator Sprint is again confirmed. This rumor had seriously begun to emerge recently .


The puzzle in reality started to gather. There are just a few items to complete the whole lot. The Keynote for instance.


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