iPhone 5 vs. Canon 5D Mark III DSLR




Last week, we compared the quality of the videos recorded with the latest iPhone 5 and its predecessor, iPhone 4S, and photos taken on the new smartphone Apple were magnificent. Today’s camera on mobile devices, recently slowed down a bit. Camera iPhone 4S (8 MP) always give a good picture and good quality video, so the list of priorities is to improve the iPhone 5 has dropped to the point of “not critical.”

However, the iPhone 5 is capable of doing high-quality images with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels, which optionally can be printed in a large format. The lens used in the device is f / 2,4 with autofocus and flash. Speed up your pictures iPhone 5 to 40% faster than the iPhone 4S. Furthermore sensor lights, which considerably increases the sensitivity for shooting in low-light conditions, as we can see a practical example.

Now it’s time to compare the iPhone 5 with a professional SLR camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III $ 100 thousand. Journalist Dustin Curtis took photos of the one and the same position, and published them in his blog.

iphone 5

iPhone 5


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The variation between the pictures, because the Curtis, is on hand. “SLR» Canon, has a 22.three megapixel decision, top of the range lens and sensor gives gorgeous picture element with correct colours. On the other hand, the digicam within the iPhone 5 is probably not a nasty factor, particularly making an allowance for the fee distinction between the 2 units.

In fact, brand new smartphones by no means exchange Hasselblad, Leica, and even Sony Alpha. Alternatively, the iPhone 5 may also be thought to be as a alternative for a compact digicam that permits respectable photographs beneath commonplace prerequisites.

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