iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One X and Galaxy S III: Shooting in low light[Photos]


Engadget posted photos taken at night time within the chamber Lumia 920, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S III. As soon as once more we see that Nokia with a digital camera all neatly and Lumia 920 udelyvaet rivals to finish. The digicam iPhone 5 in low gentle in reality was once higher to shoot, and worst of all proved within the take a look at chamber Galaxy S3.


The cameras in smartphones and tablets have come a long way in the last year or two, but one thing they are still inferior to conventional cameras – this applies to use in low light conditions. Photographers working with film equipment, especially SLR cameras have a wide range of possibilities when shooting with a lack of light, including ultra-sensitive film and aperture lenses. The users of mobile devices such no choice.

Shooting in low light conditions involves some difficulties for smartphones. Of course, the latest models are equipped with an LED flash, but the problem is that many of them have the quality is not good enough. Unsuccessful results shooting with flash is very common, so the mobile device manufacturers seek to improve the quality of the picture produced in low light conditions.

For example, Nokia uses PureView, thanks to which the user of the phone can take clear images without flash in almost complete darkness. By this parameter the camera of the new iPhone 5 also has improved – the device has excellent optical image stabilization system and allows for more clear images in low light. See this we could on practical experience.

Engadget tested four smartphones to compare the quality take a picture in low light. The experiment involved the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III.



In accordance the photographs established. the winner is Lumia 920, which has now not has no longer hit the market but. Its optical know-how offers greater high quality photos in low gentle. In 2nd location on the standard of images taken in low mild stipulations of the iPhone 5.

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