iPhone 5 with Aluminum Back Cover and Redesigned Antenna?


Consistent with one Chinese language supply get Apple off the glass again on the iPhone. 5 The iPhone will get an aluminum shell , just like the first generation iPhone. That writes the Economic Daily News , a Chinese news site. Apple could choose a design similar to the iPod touch, so there are no problems with scratching and producing glass for the white version.


We have  more news from the iPhone 5 , as announced Macrumors this morning the new iPhone could carry a aluminum body , this could solve the problems Apple has had with the painting of the back cover to launch the white model, so therefore was not even seen the light and as we're getting closer to June to see the 4 white iPhone, this image could well be the five white iPhone that could be presented.

Besides the antenna will be redesigned , this is very feasible, since Apple will correct the errors in the iPhone 4. It is rumored that the iPhone 5 A5 integrated processor as in the iPad 2 submitted last week and that will be released in June as usual.


It is also said that Apple has a problem with the production line China and currently a weakness in the company.

The antenna will also receive a new design, with Apple moving away from the current design with the antenna outside. The new Apple iPhone in May, the A5 processor on board and in June/ July to be announced. The latter is not surprising, because the iPhone is already four times in a row in June / July on the market. The antenna would be moved to the new design, the Apple logo. The photo above is a mock Japanese.

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