iPhone 5c outselling all Android smartphones, Windows Phone and Blackberry


iPhone-5ciPhone 5c, which is often referred to in the media failed products , ahead of sales in the fourth quarter of 2013, all Android- flagships , as well as smartphones on Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

According to the agency Seeking Alpha, in the winter quarter, Apple sold 31.9 million iPhone 5s, 12,8 миллионов iPhone 5c and 6.4 million iPhone 4s. Thus, the ratio of sold iPhone 5s to 5c was 2.5:1. Ie plastic models really are not as popular compared to the flagship of the tubes . And what if you compare sales of the device with competing handsets ?


Based on the data presented , iPhone 5c twice as fast as sales all phones Blackberry, the supply of which amounted to 6,000,000 units and easily bypasses the Nokia Windows Phone devices with exponent 8.2 million devices.

Actually iPhone 5c proved even more popular than the main flagship device ecosystem in Android- Samsung Galaxy S4, whose sales in the IV quarter amounted to approximately 9 million shares . And certainly no comparison sales figures multicolored Apple device does not come with a top-end device LG G2, its delivery for the reporting period amounted to 2.3 million units.


As noted in Seeking Alpha, iPhone 5c appeared in the top three best selling phones in all U.S. carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

And although the iPhone 5c really is not so popular as iPhone 5s, it can hardly be called a ” failure ” product .

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