After the Postbank, ING after which all identified Dutch financial institution is now the use of the Apple-branded non-public details about folks to extort in a phishing e mail. Recipients tipped MacRumors an email that they received, saying the iPhone 5G S is now for sale. With famous Photoshop renderings of the iPhone and a font that is reminiscent to that of Apple, sees the e-mail is reliable for the uninformed eye.



The email that got MacRumors mind, came from the address The introductory text is in Dutch:

We introduce the iPhone that can do more than ever before. And it is also much faster. open and quickly switch between applications. A bigger screen, transparency mode, better cloud integration. Create, edit and share video like never before.Thinner, faster and tighter [sleeker]. Explore many more possibilities that the iPhone 5G S the best iPhone ever.

The images used do not correspond with each other. IPhone is a transparent top and bottom of the iPhone mail adorned with an especially thick slide-out keyboard. There is also a photograph of the back to see where a big 5 on the iPhone is.

Who is not aware of developments in field and iPhone not very clever with computers, may one nasty surprises. The link “Check it out” refers to the application that opens gif.exe. The consequences are obviously untested and unclear. MacRumors reports also that a similar mail about the latest Adobe package goes around.

Unnecessarily, it is not yet known what the next iPhone will look like and how it will be called. It supports Apple’s iPhone is always with a small i and a large P.

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