iPhone 5s and 5c


The purported leaks about the iPhone 5S and 5C have created a great hype among the iPhone lovers. Sources say that the new phones would be announced on September 10 and make their debut in market by September 20. The highly premium class iPhone 5 gold is also expected to make its arrival at the same time around. There are also new reports suggesting that Apple will be releasing the final build of iOS 7 on September 16. Whatsoever we cannot expect some exceptionally great features on the entry-level variant since all the hype was about the price tag.

iPhone 5s and 5c

One of the expected features in the 5S is obviously the fingerprint scanner that will be integrated into the home button. There will be a great increase in the camera performance and the processing speed. The new processor which may be called the Apple A7 owes to provide great improvement in performance without compromising on battery life.

Some reports suggest that the iPhone 5C would come without the support for Siri although the fact is still yet to be authenticated. One of the upsetting features of the 5C is its polycarbonate body but considering the price tag, it’s quite acceptable.

iPhone 5S and pink 5C

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