iPhone-event-video-2013 Today in Apple event,two new versions of the iPhone – the main difference from the last presentation of all the previous ones. Apple joined the lineup of models of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. iPhone 5S can be considered as a modification of an older , his concept fits into that cycle , which has asked Apple for Steve Jobs when each year upgrade and tuning the model presented earlier .

iPhone 5S looks virtually identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Have not changed the size of the body or screen size . Of visible changes can be noted the presence of a double flash , designed to strengthen the capabilities of the device when shooting in low light conditions and a new button Home, which is now in Touch ID Sensor – fingerprint reader, which allows you to restrict the use of the device only by the owner , identifying it by fingerprints . Among other things , iPhone 5S got a new color – gold. Read more about the innovations iPhone 5S can be found on this page . The second novelty – iPhone 5C is a completely new concept for Apple . The unit is in a sense replacing legacy smartphones – iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 , which gradually leave the shelves .

The most important difference iPhone 5C, became gap with the design shown in the fourth model of the iPhone , and return to the design which existed in the models 3G and 3GS. It is interesting that for this model , Apple has a uncharacteristically experiment with colors casing and released red , yellow , green and blue version in addition to the traditional white. To emphasize the new color scheme iPhone 5C, Apple has also created special covers with round slots that will see the colored casing . Read more about the iPhone 5S can be found on this page . Tim-cook-sept-2 Along with the two new iPhone, was introduced , and the operating system iOS 7 , which received the support of 64-bit computing. The final release of iOS 7 will be available later on September 18 for the iPhone, since the iPhone 4 , iPad – starting with the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini and iPod touch 5G. In addition, Apple users will receive free office suite iWork, and with them the application iPhoto and iMovie. Video of the September conference Apple will be available for download through the official channel of podcasts Apple in the coming hours. Some users are experiencing problems with downloading large files via iTunes immediately after the presentation Apple, so it is possible to see it on a special page of Apple, the truth is the worst quality .The video is available on Apple’s website.

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