iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Leaked elements Floor



There are many people who are still looking for the best deal to get the Apple device, and have begun to filter what appears and claim to be part of what is known as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S and although there is no way to confirm the validity of the same, if you can see distinct differences between each of these previous with the iPhone 5.


The website NowhereElse.fr are responsible for these images in which what is seen is the “enclosure” of the iPhone speakers that would for July 5S Rumor stronger and iPhone 6 which might be being released for the 2014.

Just as it is difficult to argue that the case of official or real parts, the above website has a pretty solid record when it comes to this kind of rumor and images published previously. On the other hand could be possible that Apple is testing different parts for the next devices as it is not unusual that Apple do this before including any parts in the final product.


What do you suppose, actual or faux? Do you see the diversities, what?

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