Among the key innovations of the iPhone 5s  from the previous model,  includes a fingerprint scanner , improved camera, 64-bit processor and Apple A7 M7 coprocessor  movements.

Each iPhone 5s equipped with a special chip M7, which collects data from the acceleration sensor , gyro and compass to offload the main A7 processor and improved energy efficiency devices .  iPhone 5s Ccprocessor continuously measures the motion data to save battery power when using a pedometer and other applications for fitness which involved an acceleration sensor .

Reddit user resource discovered an interesting fact : it turns out , iPhone 5s able to track the movement , not only while in sleep mode , but in the fully open position.

“I recently traveled abroad and I spoiled Charging Cable for iPhone 5s, so the smartphone is completely dead . I use Argus to calculate the distances traveled ( highly recommend if you are using a “smart” clock or fitness bracelets ), the more that the application supports chip M7, built- in iPhone.

And then, when I returned from vacation and charge the phone , I was surprised to find that the Argus shows the number of steps you’ve walked in those four days that the iPhone was off. I was not only surprised , but even a little scared . “

Turn off after full discharge , the battery backup saves any smartphones charge, supporting internal processes of the device. In other words , the chip M7 so energy efficient that the remaining energy in a completely discharged iPhone 5s enough to have a few days to track the movement . Bravo , Apple!

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