iphone-5s-lead-press-image-announceAnandTech, which is one of the first shared benchmarks about the iPhone 5s integrated with 64- bit processor . The publication has conducted a series of tests, which confirmed the significant advantage of the new phone over competitions on computing power.

During the iPhone 5s presentation, Apple announced that the seventh-gen iPhone 5s is built on a A7 processor. Following the tradition , some specific details about the specs was not disclosed . The company gave the overall computing performance , and stated that video graphics have doubled compared to the A6 processor in the iPhone 5.

First benchmarks iPhone 5s showed that the smartphone :

  • 75% faster in the test SunSpider Javascript benchmark 1.0.
  • 2.3 times faster in the test Mozilla Kraken benchmark 1.1.
  • 92% faster in test Google Octane benchmark v1.
  • 25% faster in the test Browsermark 2.0.
  • 2.6 times faster in the test GLBenchmark 2.7 T-Rex HD.
  • 1.3 times faster in the test GLBenchmark 2.7 Egypt HD.

According to AnandTech, in the benchmark Google Octane Benchmark Geekbench and 3 new device Apple is almost twice as fast as the performance flagship phone of Samsung – Galaxy S4. A test SunSpider 1.0, which determines the speed of the engine standard browser in handling JavaScript, showed that the new Apple phone is an absolute record among all the mobile gadgets in the industry. iPhone 5s result was a record 416 milliseconds.

Apple is using the new A7-Soc on the iPhone 5s, in which you have implemented a more efficient design in addition to 64-bit functions. So you can look forward to a long term addition to the new features on a faster smartphone. Besides an improved camera with more light there is also also a dual-LED flash for more natural colors. The iPhone 5c in turn is the previous model iPhone 5 is almost identical from a technical perspective and is therefore offered also slightly cheaper than the flagship.

iPhone-5s-benchmark-1 iPhone-5s-benchmark-4 iPhone-5s-benchmark-7 iPhone-5s-benchmark-3 iPhone-5s-benchmark-5 iPhone-5s-benchmark-6 iPhone-5s-benchmark-2

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