iPhone 5S Display fits the leaked logic board [Photos]



The previous day, appeared online a logic board of what is believed to be the next-gen iPhone 5S and this night have emerged including images of the screen device. If the motherboard published yesterday showed that the iPhone 5S will be implemented a chip larger than what is  available in iPhone 5.  iHeart Repair posted on the Net a brand new batch of “undercover agent” pictures associated to subsequent-era Apple smartphone.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S have connectors with versatile cable from the highest, which is hooked up instantly to the display and digitizer. Within the iPhone 5,  the versatile cable is oriented horizontally to hook up with applicable pins on the board.


The thing within the photos will not be so much completely different from that of the element within the iPhone 5, however fanatics have discovered a match with the motherboard proven the day prior to.

Connectors are oriented for  and vertical reveal, motherboard has a horizontal and one vertical port elements are completely aligned so ascertain that they’re actual and can be utilized to bring together possibly iPhone 5S. Lack of design modifications is commonplace, in view that everybody already is aware of that Apple will maintain the iPhone 5 design, so do not are expecting one thing rather then what you will have already viewed.

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