As we are getting closer to the announcement of the iPhone 5S,  new information about the device is all over the internet. According to Fox News Channel reporter Clayton Morris, mentioned on Twitter that the A7 processor next Apple phone will be 31% more productive than similar component of the current Apple smartphone.

iPhone 5, released last fall, was the fastest device at the time of any mobile smart phones on the market, it is two times more productive than the previous model iPhone 4S. And all thanks to the 2-core A6 processor with a custom ARM-design having three graphics cores, which are responsible for the work of video. Samsung A6 chip is available on 32-nm process HKMG.

According to Morris, to equip the next generation of Apple’s smartphone will include a 2-core Apple A7, built on 64-bit architecture ARMv8 instead used in the A6 architecture ARMv7. ARM-core in the new processor are configured manually, which is much more expensive and slower than the automatic procedure and gives greater speed and efficiency.

Increasing the bit provide increased performance on the iPhone 31%, says the journalist. The technology is designed to make more fluid animations, transitions and other visual effects of iOS 7.

Morris also said that the iPhone 5S will include a separate chip to track movements.  In iOS 7 code, recall that a new feature that allows to shoot video at 120 frames per second was discovered. In this way, you can create interesting video where everything is happening in slow motion.

iPhone 5S, is expected to be a logical continuation of the iPhone 5. The appearance may remain unchanged, but inside some of the characteristics significantly improved. In addition to a 64-bit processor A7 smartphone will receive a 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of F2.0, dual LED-flash and a fingerprint scanner. In addition, the maximum configuration, the device will have 128 GB of memory. Presentation of he iPhone 5S is expected on September 10 at a distinct convention Apple.

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