iPhone 5S production facing issues due to fingerprint sensor issues


iPhone-5S-Fingerprint-sensorApple is compelled to forestall the availability of latest Apple smartphone, dubbed iPhone 5S, in the July due to a shortage of fingerprint sensors and PWM ControllerUsed in power converters of the LCD backlight unit, reported DigiTimes.

According to the report, production of fingerprint sensors for the next-generation iPhone launched in late June or early July. However, because of the problems with the release of these components, as well as controllers for LCD-displays Apple had to push back the start of mass production of iPhone 5S at the end of July.

Fingerprint sensor for iPhone 5S was developed by a leading supplier of solutions in the areas of security, identification and Sensing AuthenTec, Apple bought last year. For the production of these components correspond to two manufacturers – TSMC and Xintec, indicates DigiTimes.

Prior to now realized some small print concerning the new high-finish smartphone Apple. In line with consultants, within the iPhone 5S will better primary digital camera with sensor Sony, the decision of with a purpose to be thirteen megapixels and an up to date flash. More than likely the provision of a extra highly effective processor.

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