traffic 2California company JDSU conducted a study among U.S. subscribers and concluded that users of previous versions iPhone never used the same mobile kilobytes how managed to use those who got model iPhone 5s.

According to analysts , owners of Apple ‘s flagship devices generate more traffic than 150 users of other mobile devices on the market. On average user flagship smartphone falls seven times more traffic than the owner of the iPhone 3G in the developed markets and up to 20 times more than the owners of iPhone 3G in emerging markets .

“Apple users proved the most” greedy “to the mobile data traffic in 2010, 2011 and 2012 (iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, respectively ) . Last year , we noted that the leader close getting smartphones Galaxy S III. Nevertheless , the use of iPhone 5s is the most intense of all mobile devices at the moment , “- writes JDSU.


The top 10 most ” greedy ” to traffic mobile 6 of 10 lines occupy Apple  products . Besides the iPhone and iPad in the top ten – smartphones Samsung, HTC and Sony.

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