iPhone 5s VS iPhone 6 Plus Speed Test



Both  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus became the first in a line of smartphones to get a wireless WiFi module 802.11ac. Guided solely by the theory, the new iPhone to be issued three times faster than the speed of its predecessor (of course, if you have high-speed access point). Resource iClarified decided to test the theory in practice and compared the performance of wireless protocols iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus.

On both devices for the purity of the experiment had previously been reset to factory settings. AirPort Extreme access point is 1.5 meters from each iPhone and has been tuned to the frequency 5Ghz. During testing, the network does not connect any other device.

The maximum speed that manages to demonstrate the iPhone 6 Plus, sostavila278.5 MB / s, while the iPhone 5s satisfied indicator only 101.1 MB / s. In real life, it all depends on the internet speed and bandwidth wireless access point. In order to understand the fundamental difference between the WiFi 802n and 802ac, see the following video:

To date, the speed of Internet connections rarely exceeds 100 MB / s, while the operators are already in full working on the construction of a gigabit network

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