iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Be aware three, Galaxy S4 reveal comparability



Phonearena  experts tested five smartphone screen : iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note 3 , HTC One, LG G2 and Galaxy S4 for quality comparison, which was devoted to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each.

iPhone 5s is considered to be the owner of one of the most high-quality displays on the market , albeit small in size – only 4 inches. In his rivals begs the newest device Galaxy Note 3 to 5.7 – inch screen and a top-end model LG and HTC. Conclusions were based on a direct comparison of readings and measurement tools . For clarity, the brightness of all smartphones exhibited the same level.


Apple offered the brightest screen in the industry. Indicator iPhone 5s steps over the cherished mark , reaching 530 cd/m2. This is one of the brightest displays , the stock is very impressive . This brightness lacking in abundance , and only in the most sunny day you may be tempted to unscrew it to the maximum. Only HTC One of this parameter is comparable to the iPhone 5s. The model has an impressive margin , which is useful in order to ” fight back ” from sunlight.


LG G2 just behind the leaders . But the level of screen brightness Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 significantly lower units can cause some problems with legibility in the sun.

Color Balance

Few people expect from a smartphone screen incredible color accuracy. But in any case, would be a plus if the color reproduction is quite adequate to photos taken on the built-in camera , look more realistic . Anyway, the image pleasing to the eye and did not contain a ” trace chemistry .”

Gamma curve HTC One better on past models. Linearity is also commendable , brightness optimally distributed across all shades . The average range of iPhone 5s – 2,14. But the figure is not as linear as that of HTC One. For example, dark shades less accentuated than the rest. However, the apparent difference between them is minimal.

The average range of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 higher than that of the other screens. Halftone look a little darker than they should be, but it is also associated with a “floating ” brightness. Therefore, the linearity is also not the most exemplary . Although the most noticeable difference to other screens – less accentuated detail in the shadows . Which is actually visible when the ambient light a little bit.

White balance at all test screens set up in different ways. Samsung smartphones have several color profiles with different white balance settings , hue and saturation of colors. Default Samsung Note 3 uses the so -called ‘ optimized ‘ profile which automatically changes settings depending on what is on the screen. “Standard” has too cool white – the color temperature of about 8100K. This is more or less fit into the picture with the rest of the test.

As is the case with the Galaxy S4, all the nit-picking to the screen AMOLED touch mode “Standard” . In fact, normal white color can be obtained by changing the color profile settings on the smartphone “Professional Photos “. In this mode, the balance is not perfect , but it fluctuates around a value in the 6500K

HTC One behaves much more predictably . There is a noticeable cool shade – the average color temperature is 8000K. Blue-violet impurity and then lurks in the shades of gray, and this is especially noticeable on the background of other screens . Perhaps this is the main slip screen HTC One.

White balance Display iPhone 5s is not perfect . The average color temperature – about 7250K, although the image is faint bluish tint. But in reality, it was much less pronounced than on the HTC One. Therefore, do not seem like much of a slip , a deviation in the shade of a reasonable range.


HTC One has the clear screen competitors. A density of pixels per inch of his 468 ppi. This fact is easily explained : Taiwan ‘s flagship equipped with a 4.7 -inch display with 1080 x 1920 pixels . The same indicator Galaxy S4 – 441 ppi, LG G2 – 424 , Galaxy Note 3 – 386 , iPhone 5s – 326. But it is believed that the human eye can not perceive individual pixels on the screen with a density of more than 300 dots per square inch . Any number of pixels above this figure does not affect the apparent image quality.


One may increase the resolution and ppi, but the density of the pixels on all smartphones already enough to provide a clear and detailed image . Better yet, find a balance between the number of pixels and energy – screens Full HD, apparently, not weak raised load on the battery . Most of this energy is spent in vain , because a significant increase in quality is observed.

Viewing Angles

It would seem that when there is a comparison IPS screens and OLED, then with the viewing angles are unlikely to be any problems. But in practice there are some interesting nuances , with each of the participants.


For instance, the Tremendous AMOLED displays at three and Galaxy Observe Galaxy S4 has just right viewing angles , as measured by means of the brightness and distinction. Picture distinction and is still readable even beneath the utmost perspective . Just one drawback – at an attitude of round 30 levels from the standard coloration rendering considerably shifted .

Monitor iPhone 5s behaves predictably when considered at an attitude. Standard for IPS LCD panels offset shade somewhat, and the brightness progressively decreases with growing attitude . Efficient anti-glare and minimal air hole is certainly serving to clear photography at an perspective. Balanced choice.

At HTC One additionally has its personal nuances . If you don’t take note the ambient mild , the viewing angles are just like the iPhone 5s – the offset shade copy and brightness shouldn’t be too giant, simplest impacts chillier picture. However in vibrant gentle scenario adjustments right here don’t impact the thinnest layer of air and a bit of greater than a susceptible anti-glare . Subsequently, within the gentle picture HTC One speedy loses intelligibility than the iPhone 5s.

AMOLED-show made ​​nice development over the past 12 months . Displays Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Word three is indubitably higher than closing yr’s Galaxy S III. As LCD, their traits exchange over time is small. Show iPhone 5 was once one of the best in 2012 and , it sounds as if , Apple is just not carried out within the new flagship iPhone 5s any vital adjustments. It has all of the comparable nice display – one of the best in coloration replica and picture high quality.

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