ipadairiphone5s (1)Bloomberg published a story about the person responsible for making Apple processors, Johny Srouji. The medium ensures that the 4-inch iPhone, whose name is expected to be 5se iPhone will have the same A9 processor that is present in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. If Bloomberg sources are right, the iPhone 5SE, iPhone 6c 7c iPhone or finally call this new “mini” will be more powerful than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 has an entry price of 639 €, as long as the 16GB model is chosen with 4.7-inch screen. A8 processor and has 1GB of RAM, unlike the iPhone 6s / Plus which has about 2GB of RAM and A9 processor that allow you to have more time for applications in the background as well as prevent pages from Safari recharge both . In addition, the latest models are 50% faster than the 2014 models.

The A9 processor comes with the M9 co-processor, which allows the iPhone 6s follow our movements and offers the possibility of calling Siri without touching the start button with the “Hey, Siri” command even though we have the iPhone connected to an outlet (or kept in a pocket)

The iPad Air 3 will also be a major upgrade from the previous model. According to rumors and information that comes from the manufacturers of accessories, the iPad Air 3 will be the first tablet of Apple to add a flash for photos. The design will vary slightly from the previous model, but enough to add more speakers (expected to be 4). Inside, everything according to Bloomberg sources, we will have a GPU A9X 12 clusters, which will allow the Air 3 have a graphics performance twice that offered by the Air 2.

In addition, RAM also be another point where the iPad Air 3 improve, rising from 2GB Air 2 to 4GB of RAM, so you could say that the iPad Air 3 will be as powerful as the iPad Pro. We could think it would be more powerful than professional tablet on the block, but it is also possible that the iPad Air 3 comes with 4K display.

If the forecasts are met, both the iPhone 5se as the iPad Air 3 will be presented on March the 15th and will go on sale on 18th of the same month, three days after its presentation.

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