Since Apple launched the iPhone 4 signal reception problems occurred after Apple has been to strengthen the areas under signal greater effort, such as adding a dual antenna design iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 to replace the new antenna design, but users may still feel inadequate, You now have company for Apple iPhone 6 design a new protective shell enhance signal reception strength.




According macrumors reports, CES General Assembly this year, a company called Antenna 79 companies release the new iPhone 6 protective shell accessories, called Reach79, claiming that lets iPhone enhanced signal reception force six times.


By significantly enhanced signal reception strength, iPhone 6 battery life will be significantly improved, because the signal reception strength is enhanced to increase the download speed, reduce the use of time, but also can reduce power consumption when searching for faint signals used by the network. In addition, Reach79 iPhone 6 can also provide adequate protection, because Reach79 impact protection tests by military grade.

However, Antenna 79, said Reach79 signal reception performance enhancements force depending on the supplier and the user’s location, such as in a radius of several tens of kilometers you are not transmitting station where, regardless of how to enhance the reception strength is still not receiving the signal and the selling price, iPhone Reach79 protective shell 6 for $ 59.99, iPhone 6 Plus protective shell for $ 69.99.

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