iPhone 6 Accessory Sales Hit $249 Million In Two Weeks


acc_iphone 6

Successful selling of the iPhone 6/6 Plus reflected not only in Apple profit. Together with Apple,  companies managed to earn good money and manufacturers of relevant accessories. According to the NPD Group, the first two weeks of official sales of iPhone, manufacturers of covers had to earn $249 million.

A year ago, after the release of iPhone 5S / 5C, two weeks were sold accessories valued at $ 195 million, which is only 17% higher than in 2012 (after the presentation of the iPhone 5). Output iPhone 6 provoked 43% jump in this market segment. Such dynamics is quite understandable: the modified design and shape of the new iPhone is always cause a short-term sales growth in accessories.

Another reason for such a record sales growth began to leak prior to release iPhone 6. Manufacturers knew long before the presentation of approximate dimensions of the body of a new leader and the one who made ​​a bet on the rumors, the result was “a horse.” Immediately after the official start of sales of the market was prepared to present a wide variety of covers, and if the buyer is not too one’s soul “native”, proposed by Apple, always have to choose anything else.

Nevertheless, many implementers, small private shops and representatives of small retailers in advance in no hurry to buy party covers for iPhone 6/6 Plus. The story told by one of the representatives of a retailer:

“Two years ago, before the start of sales, guided by rumors, we booked a party covers for iPhone 5. After the official sales of the first we bought a brand new” five “. Alas, most acquired covers just did not fit. This year it was decided not to hurry “

Those who venture to very quickly managed to get a good profit, given a decent margin. Comparing sales figures for accessories, NPD Group publishes the following figures (sales growth compared to last year; analyzed period – two weeks after the official start of sales of iPhone):

  • Covers: + 78%;
  • Protective film: + 120%;
  • Portable Batteries: 5%;
  • Headset (headphones): 10%;
  • Bluetooth-speakers: 5.

Alas, to get a cover that would really hit me like, I could not. Sellers shrug: “I do not have time, not bought.” In anticipation of parcels with foreign Internet sites and stores, we have to carefully wear easily soiled iPhone 6 waiting for “better times”.

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