iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s LTE Speeds Compared [Video]


iphone6speed test

The new generation of iPhones are not only completely different design and enlarged screen, but also a number of technological improvements. The last time the resource iClarified tested the speed of WiFi, as now and got to the module LTE. Visual comparison of LTE on the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Maximum declared speed documentation module LTE in iPhone 6/6 Plus up to 150 MB / s. This speed was made possible through the chip Qualcomm MDM9625M, generation networks supporting LTE Advanced.

The test was conducted in the annex SpeedTest. Maximum speed bar, which managed to take the iPhone 6 – 101 MB / s, while the iPhone 5s satisfied with only “modest” 35 MB / s.

Improved in the new iPhone and upload speed. In the test, the maximum Upload was 27 MB / s.

“The maximum speed that we managed to get on the iPhone 6, amounted to 111 MB / s”

LTE Advanced network class were presented in 2013. Due to the extended frequency band, centered in one spectrum, LTE Advanced significantly outperform previous-generation LTE. In addition to LTE Advanced iPhone 6/6 Plus supports about 20 different standards LTE (7 more than the iPhone 5s).

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