The first pictures of a fully assembled iPhone 6 shows that the production is close to be finished  and also give us an idea of how the iPhone 6 would look. By now, we know virtually all components of the iPhone 6 to detail: the panel, its chassis, motherboard, apple logo, the lens ring and some others that have appeared but for which we can not ensure its truthfulness.

However, never before have we had the opportunity to see them all assembled and ready to be put up for sale. A couple weeks ago,  Fed & Volk brought us the alleged model assembled iPhone 6 If the latest rumors are correct, the next smartphone from Apple should take a few weeks longer in chains production, so it would not be strange to see a completely finished model.


As we can see, the final design would not change too much with respect to the numerous models who have had the opportunity to see in recent months, although we can see how many details are much better finishes. For example, the Lightning connector is now integrated into the port and is not just an empty hole as showing the models.

Another detail that draws our attention is its screen. For the first time, we see how completely attached to the device, which allows us to appreciate more fully the curvature that is has at its edges. As indicated numerous rumors a few months ago, Apple would incorporate a curved screen (in this case at the edges) to better suit the design lines of the new Apple smartphone.

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These images show that the production of the next iPhone 6 would find in a fairly advanced state
We also appreciate the Touch ID button, which would not suffer any aesthetic modification to the naked eye, although it has been said that it will implement improvements to be more resistant to scratches and faster at detecting the user’s fingerprint.

Undoubtedly, these catches are a good sign that the production of the iPhone 6 (at least 4.7 inch model) is very close to coming to an end. So far, we have not seen any like this capture model for the 5.5-inch, a fact that could lead us to think that its production would delay with respect to its namesake smaller.

What do you think of these screenshots?

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