Apple currently has a replacement program for iPhone 6s batteries, as some users have experienced sudden blackouts when the battery has an average percentage or about 20%. Some say it’s because iOS 10 fails to optimize with iPhone from previous generations. Now, the Macotakara site reports that Apple may be preparing a battery replacement program for the iPhone 6.

The famous website also made it clear from the beginning that this information is just a rumor and there is no further details that can confirm. But what was initially described as a “very small number” affected by the Cupertino has been increasing in a worrisome way, so the team that runs Tim Cook would be assessing the possibility that the owners of an iPhone 6 also Can take advantage of a program that was initially released only for the iPhone 6s.

There are no additional details to what has been reported as a rumor, however, Apple may have been studying and analyzing the batteries of both devices that are very similar, and it is very strange that the replacement program would not have started with the iPhone 6 Since it is the device where everything that is today is the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s should have improved as far as battery is concerned, but it was not. The capacity in the iPhone 6s mAh is inferior to the iPhone 6. And it is something stranger than the iPhone 6s to register sudden blackouts if it is a device that is happening of the year of existence.

One of the possible theories is that third-party shippers, from unauthorized manufacturers or fake shippers are the direct problem. Apple has been battling against manufacturers who have fake chargers, has advised users to use their original chargers or those with MFI (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) certification.

(Source: Macotakara [Google Translate])


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