Before everyone says Apple screen size and pixel density, and Apple actually disagree, the iPhone 5 is slightly elongated look up to.This time, Apple has finally compromise to consumer demand it! iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen is magnified to where iPhone 6 screen is 4.7 inch, 1334 × 750 resolution, while the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, their screens are called “Retina HD HD display” that can display more and more content, the latter even has a higher pixel density (401ppi). The key is that your “force Georgia” is also magnified.

Of course, Apple is not just simply increase the size and resolution, because it makes it more difficult to operate with one hand, on the body design and systems should be further optimized. In the body, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have adopted the arc border, in addition to 2.5D arc screen design, since no side edge iPhone 4, will not let the palm discomfort.

Systems, double-click the Home button the screen will move down, so that users can more easily touch the screen at the top of the button or input box, and also support cross-screen display, this time also there are different typesetting way to better show more content.

Apple Pay: NFC mobile payment

NFC was once a highly anticipated feature, but ended far, NFC has been only be regarded as minor, usually are used for device pairing, NFC tags, etc., users expect to pay more functions have not realized the , and some mobile phone manufacturers throws NFC (temporarily) useless, not even equipped with this feature on the current flagship product.
Official website seemingly no separate presentation NFC function, first with The Verge pictures taken at the press conference it

The good news is that this time Apple has finally added in six NFC functionality on the iPhone, and will rise to an important selling point for its position. This feature is named Apple Pay (A! Po! Accompany!), As shown above, users only need to read the finger on the fingerprint Home button while the phone on the NFC payment devices, we can immediately successful paid.

Cook has repeatedly stressed that this fast and convenient payment method, even demo video to be played repeatedly again proves that Apple Apple Pay very confident. Although the United States temporarily only supports Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, but should also continue to support card types more countries and regions, including China UnionPay, I believe will be a strong impetus to the development of this payment method.

Incidentally, the Internet has a saying, Apple Pay an out directly covering 800 million Apple mobile phone users, and it would catch up with eBay up. Xiao Bian is quite logical that the problem, which is 800 million users how much is from the iPhone 5s (Touch ID)? How many will be converted to iPhone 6 user (NFC)?

Again enhance performance: stronger A8 processor, Metel API blessing

Both phones performance is reflected in two aspects, one is the hardware, A8 processor known as CPU performance compared to previous generations A7 improved 25 percent, while the GPU is raised 50%, which is an annual presentation of the PPT, we there should be no doubt.

On the other hand, is a more significant meaning software upgrade that Metal API similar to AMD Mantle API, it is also a more close to the hardware underlying API, you can make the game more efficient (or greater extent) use hardware can bring the performance, one can reduce power consumption, while allowing it to get better performance.

Enhanced camera performance: new ISP graphics processor, OIS Optical Image Stabilizer

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is still equipped with 8 million pixel iSight camera, f / 2.2 aperture, True Tone color temperature of the flash, pixel size of 1.5μm and iPhone 5s are also consistent, but with a new sensor, with built-A8 processor the new ISP graphics processor, the new focus Pixel integrated phase focusing technique will have a better camera performance.

In addition, iPhone 6 Plus also supports OIS optical image stabilization technology, which for the average user, it is a handheld cell phone camera can shoot sharper photos. But iPhone 6 does not support OIS, convex lens like this and feel pity of it.

Longer battery life: iPhone 6 Plus big upgrade

Each generation of iPhone, life has a certain level of upgrade, iPhone 6 audio playback time up to 50 hours, 3G Internet raised to 10 hours, 3G talk is increased to 14 hours, the other side is a slight improvement.

But this is nothing, iPhone 6 Plus directly to the power upgrade to 11.28Wh, iPhone 5s than doubled, but also to catch up with the size of Android phones, the real life there was a marked improvement in the performance of, say, a direct extension of audio playback to 80 hours, 14 hours of video, 3G Internet 12 hours, 3G talk 24 hours, also for up to 16 days of standby.

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus although only supports 150Mbps of LTE Cat.4 network, but “all Netcom” will become their killer highlights another important support various global band 4G / 3G network, and telecommunications has also been disclosed domestic licensed does not lock network, meaning that a public version iPhone 6 (A1586) or iPhone 6 Plus (A1524) can complete use mobile, China Unicom, Telecom three carriers 4G / 3G / 2G network!

One More Thing: Apple iPhone innate brand

Consumers interested in purchasing iPhone, a lot because “I heard that iPhone is easier to use,” but more importantly – because that’s what Apple’s iPhone ah! For Android phones, the prices are often left with the choice of consumers, and for the iPhone, the price is not a problem, sell your intention is to buy it!

So you say your iPhone 6, it ugly, it is not innovation, for many consumers, it is not a thing! Satisfied to debate.

To sum up:

Although this generation iPhone design is not necessarily suitable for everyone’s aesthetic, but also the lack of amazing innovation, but it really is there are many who can convince consumers to buy the grounds, you can cover up in front of these shortcomings. What’s more, people who really want to buy, those shortcomings are not a problem.

Ah, as reason not to recommend to buy, following this one should be pretty close ……

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