iPhone 6 Thought with four.three-inch, Touchpad House Button


iPhone-6-concept-iOS-7ADR Studio once more came up with a new concept for iOS seventh-generation featuring large iPhone screen, dual LED and a 18 megapixels camera.
In previous concepts, the iPhone was demonstrated with iOS 6 on board, but now, after the introduction of the new Apple iOS 7 firmware, designers acquired new inspiring sources and a fresh perspective of what the exterior of the mobile device might look like. ADR Studio shows a conceptual model of the iOS on iPhone 6, which received a 4.3-inch display, a dual LED-flash, a fingerprint sensor and touchpad that replaced the Home button. Last lyperceived, is gestures similar to the Mac trackpad. The device is equipped with a 18 megapixels camera, based on A7 quad-core processor.

iPhone concept ios concept

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