It seems that Apple wants to take care of all the details and thus also improve the cable that can recharge and connect the iPhone. A new video has been allowed to see the new cable, which will keep the Lightning connector but improve USB port.

The size and material display, processor, more sensors, a new design, all these developments seem to be protagonists of Apple iPhone 6, which has been developing the next generation of the smartphone with various leaks that have been showing the main specs to be presented on September 9.

With the arrival of the iPhone 5, the company changed the connector coming and opted for using Lightning, a type of smaller, comfortable and efficient plug. The iPhone 6 seems to introduce new developments in this field, according to the latest data. Specifically, Apple maintain the Lightning connector but bet on improving of the cable terminating in a USB. Through Twitter have been spreading images of that course change and now a video posted by user Sonny Dickson live shows the main novelty of the cable.

Apple wants to innovate by introducing a new model of reversible USB. It is a concept that allows a USB connector that is not necessary to turn to enter the ports. Those who have used a USB have ever seen as sometimes you have to turn the pin to adjust its position to the port where it is intended to introduce. With the Apple USB proposed that problem no longer exist and the connector could be introduced without problems in any of the two positions.  This is an improvement especially promising comfort. The truth is that the reversible nature is already one of the great advantages of Lightning connector and now the USB is adapted to further improve the user experience. It is a small detail that would show that Apple intended to take care experience with iPhone 6 in every way.

Beyond this new reversible USB plug, it has also been said that Apple could improve the quality of the cable thinking performance. Specifically, it has been speculated that the iPhone 6 cable would have the USB 3.1 technology. With the technology transfer rate would be improved, so that sync or copy files between computers with the iPhone would be much faster. However, USB 3.1 is not compatible with current USB ports and it seems that Apple’s model itself, so that the end use is unknown.

It is said that the new smartphone Apple could integrate wireless charging, which would dispense with the use of cable for recharging energy. On September 9 in the expected that Apple will present the iPhone 6, then we may further details.

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