iPhone 6 NFC Chip Locked With Apple Pay Use Only



Since the introduction of  the first iPhone EDGE, many users have been asking when Apple would incorporate the NFC payment system in their devices. As the years went by, realizing that this was not a relevant plan for Apple until this year when , the Cupertino company finally decided to incorporate an NFC chip for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus called Apple Pay.

Apple has decided to castrate the NFC chip at the moment, so no third party application nor external hardware will be compatible with the new iPhone NFC. The new NFC chip will be exclusively for use with the new Apple Pay payment platform.

The reasons which led to this decision are totally unknown, although we may see in the not too distant future as Apple API enables third parties for use as happened to the ‘Touch ID’ sensor on iOS in August.
By the time developers do not have access to the API to make use of the NFC chip, see if due to possible future Jailbreak we are allowed to have NFC unrestricted like about the Bluetooth service that takes gelding from the start of the times as only Apple devices allows us to connect in this way with some not allowing external peripherals allowed to exchange files between mobile for example.

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