iPhone 6 Plus Users Complain About The Device Bending In Their Pockets



Some iPhone owners 6 Plus have been annoyed to see how your iPhone 6 Plus had doubled after holding it in his pants pocket all day. In the picture above we can see proof that published the Pitcher Devin user MacRumors Forums.
It is not a general problem, simply some people who, for some reason, they have doubled the terminal. In the case of Devin was after driving eight hours to get to and from a wedding in which he was also sitting and sometimes dancing.
Here is another case, this time of hanzoh user. It may seem imperceptible, but already annoyed:

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We will say that this is a problem unique to this terminal or Apple: many smartphones and tablets (including previous generations of the iPhone) have experienced the same problem when we force on rigid pockets. For now, and seeing how the iPhone 6 Plus is a very large very fine terminal yet, you’d better find another place to store it instead of your pant pockets. [via MacRumors]

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