iPhone 6 Prototype Found on eBay


iPhone 6 prototype

Apple uses prototypes to test how well the iPhone will perform before hitting the market . Not only that, but it is something that Tim Cook has confirmed itself, as it did in reporting 60′ minutes, which let see some prototypes of the iPhone 6. Meanwhile, what is not so common, is seeing some of these prototypes outside Cupertino headquarters. In fact, it is the second time this has happened, and it happened at the time of iPhone 4s, which caused a serious headache to Steve Jobs and his team of lawyers to recover their devices. It has cast a prototype iPhone 6 on eBay and is wreaking havoc at auctions.

The particularity of this iPhone, it is not only that does not have the usual rear marks under the heading “iPhone”, but also possesses the trial software error, which Apple called SwitchBoard. As mentioned, it has none of the marks of the FCC, but the best is that, is that if you are interested in the least in the acquisition, go preparing money because the auction already going for more than $5,000 for this strange pattern testing the iPhone 6.

It will not be the most expensive ever sold iPhone, but if one of the most peculiar. The reality is that live much better without the marks of the FCC, hopefully one day they can hide those marks. Nor can we see the serial number or IMEI of the device, but seems completely real. The device, as we said, does not run iOS but SwitchBoard, so it is practically useless beyond testing hardware malfunction inside.

[Via eBay]

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