iPhone 6 Prototype Listed On Ebay For $59,000



Usually the interest of enthusiasts and collectors cause old models of electronic devices, preserved in excellent condition. However, right now on eBay sold a prototype iPhone 6, the official sales of which started just over three weeks ago. With minimal differences from those smartphones that are now commercially available, the cost of the lot was able to pass for $ 60,000..

iphone6-ebay-2According to the seller, iPhone 6 was sent to her by Verizon after the renewal of the contract. In the box instead of the new smartphone was his prototype with a few key differences from the device, which went on sale. So, iPhone 6 deprived FCC notation on the back cover has a red marking around the connector Lightning and uses diagnostic software version.

iPhone-6-Prototype-Sale-5Other external differences from the retail version of the device is not present. The volume of the device’s memory is 64 GB. iOS is not pre-installed 8 and the seller does not confirm the possibility of installing a mobile operating system. Instead, the buyer will receive a diagnostic version of the software, which is used by specialists Apple and its partners to test the device.

iphone6-ebay-4The starting price of the prototype iPhone 6 was $999. Bidding began on October 2, and so far the last bid is $ 61,100. Everyone is welcome to take part in the auction until October 9. It is difficult to imagine what kind of interest is an engineering sample iPhone 6 for ordinary users. The device might fill up someone’s collection of rare gadgets. Otherwise, so the high cost of the lack of labeling FCC and questionable health is difficult to explain

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