iPhone 6 SE/iPhone 7 Geekbench Shows Otherwise



Throughout the internet, there is a leak that reference mention iPhone 6 SE in a packing box. Information that pointed the possibility that Apple submit the model and not an iPhone 7. From the outset has been classified filtration as a fake, a false publication. However, there have appeared shortly after a video and samples that there are likely to see an iPhone 6 SE in September and not an iPhone 7 as we all hope.

Although images of the box on which was the reference of the iPhone 6 SE has been listed as a modification, a manipulated image, the truth is that the name may make more sense than it might seem at first. And the next iPhone that is coming will not be a highlight in the catalog of the American company change. That and other next iPhone is expected more innovative, coupled with the fact that by then Apple will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its smartphone year. This combination of factors makes using the name iPhone in July copper greater sense for the next generation of smartphone.


GeekBcench records of an iPhone 6 SE

As already indicated , the filtrate so far about the iPhone 6 hovered reference to that found in a packing box . In fact , this information was discovered more than two months ago and has not returned to reflotarse on the Web until today . However , unlike the first leak
,this time we have new details.

Of course , it is the case of multimedia material without a solid foundation, but the truth is that is accompanied by new information that gives a little more strength to the rumor.

And since China appears a video that would show how the performance Geekbench test a prototype of Apple’s next iPhone runs . They leaked the possible date of presentation of the iPhone 7

More performance than an iPhone 6s

In the poor quality video , you would see in a part of the recording of proof that the name associated equipment is iPhone 6 SE, which runs iOS 10. However , filtration not only leaves us behind the appearance of the course final commercial name until now knew as iPhone 7. the test result itself reveals that the above model achieves higher than the iPhone 6s score.




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