iPhone 6 speed comparison to the HTC One M8

Another video of the iPhone 6 speed performance to the HTC One M8 has been posted. At this time the study was conducted by PhonaArena, in which a comparison of both smartphones were performed   under realistic conditions, to evaluate and compare their performance. For research on the home screen of the two devices are loaded the same app from the App Store and Google Play and then alternately launched.
For conditional purity of the experiment from the memory 6 iPhone and HTC One (M8) were unloaded background applications, as well as before the start of the study, both devices were turned off, and then again at the same time were included.

Результаты теста на быстродействие

During testing, journalists used applications such as address book, photos, e-mail client, browser, camera, client Facebook, Player, Dropbox, Gmail, Yahoo Weather, YouTube, app Twitter, Spotify, Chrome, Google Drive and Google Maps.
According to test results to be expected defeated iPhone 6, but with a slight margin – 9: 7 in favor of the smartphone Apple.

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