iPhone 6 to be as thin as the iPod touch


iphone 6

Recently, the iPhone 6  images have been floating around the web, diagrams and covers related to the new Apple smartphone is expected to debut this Fall. In the meantime Unbox Therapy compared the latest iPod touch to the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Based on reducible data , iPhone next generation will have a screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches , at least one of the versions (assuming variant with 5.5 -inch display ) . Thus, the device will be greater in size than the current flagship iPhone 5s. At the same time by increasing the size of the screen , Apple managed to significantly reduce the thickness of the device . As the authors of the video , the novelty comparable thickness to iPod touch. Technological holes in the cover for the volume buttons iPhone 6 correspond exactly to the “apple ” player of the last generation .

Based on the previous leaks , the body of the new flagship will be made ​​in the unibody- design and appearance more similar to the iPod touch, including the rounded side faces , and the area above and below will be metal . In addition, confirmed “migration” of the power button on the right side of your smartphone. IPhone 6 Expected dimensions are 138 x 67 x 6 mm to 123,8 x 58,6 x 7,6 mm for iPhone 5s.

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