The next-generation iPhone will receive a number of new sensors , allowing the device in real-time measurement of pressure, temperature and humidity of the ambient air , according to a leading analyst of ESM-China San Chang Hu citing sources close to Apple .

According to the expert , Apple iPhone 6 will add to more sensors for user interaction with the environment , turning the smartphone in almost multimeter . In iPhone 5s the company built a fingerprint scanner in the ” Home “.

Next model will be equipped with a built-in barometer that can measure atmospheric pressure in the current location of iPhone owner and determine the height above sea level. This feature is particularly useful when the user moves on ramps , whether hill or mountain, because the barometer helps depending on the atmospheric pressure and height to calculate the exact number of calories burned while walking , says the analyst .

Other two sensors will provide an opportunity to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment. This information will be provided on the iPhone 6 in real time , thanks to the M7 coprocessor.

Earlier it was reported that Apple in recent months has recruited several engineers specializing in medical equipment sensors . Number of new employees working in companies producing software and hardware associated with medicine.

According to The Financial Times, a manufacturer of Cupertino in dire need of additional engineering resources to develop a wearable computer and iWatch new flagship iPhone, and therefore aggressively hires specialists corresponding profile.

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