iphone-6-hajek-concept-6The video shows a completely finished model of the iPhone 6 analyzes in detail the essential technical differences between it and its predecessor, the iPhone 5 Although its authenticity is not confirmed, the fact is that the characteristics of the alleged iPhone 6 we see in the video are quite similar to those described in previous leaks, which invites us to think that it is authentic.

In the video we can see the iPhone 6 in operation and confirming not only the 4.7 inches that will be the new standard screen of the Apple smartphone, but also confirms that the camera protrudes a few millimeters, so virtually confirmed that it is not a fake.

Meanwhile, the iOS 8 operating system will have be thinner and to make matters worse, the iPhone 6 will have already installed health app .

Moreover, rumors about what Apple plans to present on Tuesday September 9 are ongoing and fascinate more than one. What is it? Apple has intrigued followers as to whether it will be a smart watch, a “phablet” or only a new iPhone presenting what next Tuesday before the whole world.

The iWatch, the expected Apple Smart Watch is now cause for leaks a few days after its official launch. Following the disclosure via social media some of the innovations of the iPhone 6, it has been revealed that both devices have the option of payment.

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